Consolidation of the Saharawi State

WORKSHOP CONCLUSIONS The current situation of the conflict in Western Sahara has brought forward a scenario of particular severity at this time, which is affecting the whole region and is determined by the following parameters, among others: The State of war, decrees by the government of the SADR from 13 November 2020, in view of […]

Human Rights and Occupied Territories

WORKSHOP HUMAN RIGHTS EUCOCO 2021 The workshop on human rights expressed their deep concern over the continued systematic and widespread human rights violations in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and particularly the crackdown following the end of the ceasefire of 13 November 2020. With a view to holding Morocco accountable and ensuring the protection […]

Policy and Information Workshop

Conclusions of the 45th EUCOCO The workshop conducted its work on the basis of a preliminary statement of the actions taken during the past year and the objectives for 2022. The work focused mainly on actions to be carried out in the direction of international institutions, communication strategies and political organization. The WG took note […]